Have you ever wondered how to clean your hat? I’m sure you have, and we have some simple ideas to help you keep your best head piece clean and tidy.

Lets start with cleaning, HUGE no no is the washing machine. Your hat will be no more should you do that! To wash your hat, we recommend buying a soft toothbrush and making this your hat’s. You could even put a space in the bathroom for it! Depending on the level of cleaning required will determine what product you use for your hats bath. If we are talking a little freshen up, then simply some warm soapy water will be just fine. Do not use water that is too hot, hats do not like this and will lose shape and some designs alter the shade of the colour. If unfortunately, your cap has more wear then using some washing detergent with warm water will help shift that mess. Be careful not to use too much!! For the white mesh of our hats, you can use vanish to really bring that brilliant white back to life. When using the brush ensure to be careful you do not brush too hard on the face and peak of the hat as you may damage it. Gentle, circular motions will do the trick.

When you have finished cleaning, you’ll need to make sure there is no excess soap left behind, If this dries then you will alter the complexity of the material and it will discolour leaving you with an off colour and out of shape hat, we do not want that! Therefore it is key to only use small amounts of soap or detergent to make the clean up easier. Use a damp cloth to dap & soak up any excess soap left behind.

Now your hat is ready to dry off!

We recommend that the hat is left to dry at regular room temperature and not in direct sunlight. If the hat dries too quickly it can fade. You could also use a hairdryer if you can’t wait to get your hat back on! Be sure to have it at a cool heat to protect your hat when drying.

Finally, some protection! Its important to protect your hat to make sure it last longer, show it the love it deserves! On the market is a brilliant product that we do not supply ourselves but will ensure your hat lives healthier for longer. It’s called crep protect. Its primary use is for trainers but it works on hats perfectly too, it is a protective spray that will help reduce the amount of dirt that sits on the material and can be found to purchase easily online.

We hope that this blog helps you keep your caps in their best condition ready for more snaps this summer! Please share with us any handy tips you have discovered yourself on how you clean and maintain your hat! Share it on our socials, Facebook and Instagram with a tag and we will be sure to shout you out!

Have a brilliant summer!

The Money Driven Clothing team.